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A COMPLETE ~ALL SINGLES~ is Ayumi Hamasaki's fifth compilation album on avex trax. It included all of her A-side singles from debut until her most recent release at the time, Mirrorcle World, as well as a re-recorded version the song "Who..." to commemorate her 10th anniversary in 2008. The China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan releases featured a version of the song sung completely in Mandarin Chinese. The limited first pressing of the 3CD+DVD edition also included a 48-page photobook featuring alternate covers for each of the singles.


Release Date
  • 10 September 2008 (Japan)
  • 19 September 2008 (Taiwan)
  • 22 September 2008 (Hong Kong 3CD)
  • 15 October 2008 (Hong Kong 3CD+DVD)
  • 1 November 2008 (China)
Stock Numbers
  • AVCD-23673 (Japan 3CD+DVD)
  • AVCD-23676 (Japan 3CD)
  • AVJCD-10370/2 (Taiwan 3CD)
  • AVJCD-10370/B (Taiwan 3CD+DVD)
  • AAJCD-20024/6D (Hong Kong 3CD+DVD)



Disc 1
  1. poker face (04:45)
  2. YOU (04:48)
  3. Trust (04:51)
  4. For My Dear... (04:36)
  5. Depend on you (04:23)
  6. WHATEVER (version M) (05:34)
  7. LOVE ~Destiny~ (04:59)
  8. TO BE (Original Mix) (05:21)
  9. Boys & Girls (AUBE Original Mix) (03:58)
  10. monochrome (Original Version) (04:34)
  11. appears (Album Version) (05:41)
  12. kanariya (Original Mix -Radio Edit-) (03:09)
  13. Fly high (04:10)
  14. vogue (04:30)
  15. Far away (05:34)
Disc 2
  1. SEASONS (04:25)
  2. SURREAL (04:44)
  3. AUDIENCE (Dave Ford Mix) (04:10)
  4. M (A COMPLETE Version; minus guitar solo) (04:31)
  5. evolution (04:45)
  6. NEVER EVER (04:43)
  7. Endless sorrow (Original Mix) (05:30)
  8. UNITE! (05:04)
  9. Dearest (05:36)
  10. Daybreak ~gone with the wind ver.~ (04:51)
  11. Free & Easy (05:02)
  12. independent (04:58)
  13. Voyage (05:10)
  14. ourselves (04:37)
  15. forgiveness (05:49)
Disc 3
  1. No way to say (04:45)
  2. Moments (05:49)
  3. INSPIRE (04:35)
  4. CAROLS (05:31)
  5. STEP you (04:28)
  6. fairyland (05:20)
  7. HEAVEN (04:22)
  8. Bold & Delicious (04:43)
  9. Startin' (04:20)
  10. BLUE BIRD (04:11)
  11. glitter (04:53)
  12. talkin' 2 myself (04:56)
  13. Mirrorcle World (05:21)
  14. [bonus track] Who... (10th anniversary version) (05:37)

Track 14 on China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan editions:

  • Who... (Chinese version) (05:37)


Limited TA Live Tour: ZEPP TOKYO 2003.5.27Edit

  1. Real me
  2. poker face
  3. Depend on you
  4. TO BE
  5. YOU
  6. Dolls
  7. A Song for XX
  9. evolution

a-nation '02: 2002.9.1Edit

  1. evolution
  3. Voyage

a-nation '03: 2003.8.31Edit

  1. forgiveness
  2. Boys & Girls

a-nation '04: 2004.8.31Edit

  1. GAME
  2. Moments
  3. Greatful days

a-nation '05: 2005.8.21Edit

  1. fairyland
  2. is this LOVE?

a-nation '06: 2006.8.27Edit

  1. UNITE!
  2. A Song for XX

a-nation '07: 2007.8.26Edit

  1. until that Day...
  2. July 1st
  3. Boys & Girls


Produced by max matsuura

Mastered by Shigeo Miyamoto at THE MASTER
trk 14 (DISC-3): Directed & Recorded by Koji Morimoto

A&R: Kentaro Furusawa (avex trax)
A&R Direction: Hidetomo Yoneda (avex trax)

Artist Management: Kouji Hashimoto, Tadashi Urakami, Masaaki Gyobu (avex entertainment inc.)
Artist Brand Management: Motohiro Abe (HEARTSAVER inc.), Hideki Endo (avex entertainment inc.)

Visual Producer: Kiyoshi "Utsumizm" Utsumi (avex group)
Team Ayu: Kazuki "Mr." Okabe (avex entertainment inc.)
Media Promotion: All Media Division Promotion Room Staff (avex entertainment inc.)
Sales Promotion: Jun Yogi, Takashi Saigo & All AMI Staff (avex marketing inc.)
Concerts Coordination: Shinsuke Abe (avex marketing inc.)
Web Designer: Yukiko Ito, Makiko Kotera (avex marketing inc.)
A&R Desk: Kumiko Yoshida, Tamoko Miura (avex trax)

A&R Supervisor: Hiroshi Ishimori (avex trax)
A&R Executive Supervisor: Jun Harada (avex trax)

General Producers: Shinji Hayashi, Takashi Araki, Ryuhei Chiba (avex group)

Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
Design: Hirotomi Suzumoto (MOMOYA)
Photographer: Kazuyoshi Shimomura (AVGVST)
Assistant Photographer: Satoko Mitomi

Hair: Kazuyoshi Takahashi (ZACC)
Assistant Hair: Hiroyuki Kuramoto (ZACC)
Stylist: Kei "Okei" Ito (ab fab)
Assistant Stylist: Yuko "Dj" Honda (ab fab)
Costume Director: Akira Noda (Workaholik)
Nail Artist: Kanako "Bancho" Miura (Three Peace)
Assistant Nail Artist: Shingo "Minazo" Sano
Make Up: Jin "Gori" Kiyota (Rond.)
Assistant Make Up: Yuya "Ezoko" Ezoe
Trainer: So Nagashima (tune-up)

Costume Support: SWAROVSKI
Location Coordination: Luis Hernandez (Day O Production, Inc.)
Location Support: Stanly Izumi Kim (s.i.k.e)
Location: MGM GRAND Macau

Creative Coordination: Naoki Ueda (avex marketing inc.)
CG Treatment: Makoto Harikae, Hiroko Tanaka, Toru Sakuma (amana)
Quality Control: Masashi Shinabe, Toshiyuki SUzuki (avex marketing inc.)
DVD Authoring: Yohei Sato (avex marketing inc.)

Junichi "nonchan" Kamitoku, Mikajohn <3, Tetsuya "Hige" Hirakawa,
Keizo Kuroda, Kazahisa Kurumizawa (Three Peace),
Satomi Masubuchi, Shouko Miki (ZACC), Rex Schaumieffel, Ward Sexton,
Katsutaka "Numacchi" Numakura (Office Lift), Jun Yoshita (ISM)



Promotional MaterialsEdit

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