Ayupan (アユパン) is the cartoon version of Hamasaki Ayumi. She first appeared in 2002 during that year's tours. Since then, she has appeared as 3" figures, stickers, and a CG cartoon character in Ayupan: fushigi no tobira, a segment on TV Tokyo's "U-15 F SUKI ni sasete!" The voice of Ayupan in the animated segment (as well as in Ayupan AR software, concert videos, and other media) is supplied by anime seiyuu Kawasaki Eriko.

An ayupan shop was open for a brief time in Tokyo's Shibuya district, but due to high prices, it suffered poor sales and was ultimately closed.

The Ayupan cast of characters also includes four of Ayu's dogs: Marron, Purin, Crea, and Vanilla.