poker face front cover image

Poker face re-release

poker face re-release front cover image

poker face is Ayumi Hamasaki's 1st single under the avex trax label, and her debut as a female singer.


Release Date
  • 8 April 1998
Stock Numbers
  • AVDD-20228 (Japan)
  • AVJSG-40071 (Taiwan)


  1. poker face (04:43)
  2. FRIEND (04:13)
  3. poker face (Instrumental) (04:43)
  4. FRIEND (Instrumental) (04:11)


This single was re-released on February 28, 2001, featuring four new songs.

  1. poker face (04:43)
  2. FRIEND (04:13)
  3. poker face (KM MARBLE LIFE MIX) (05:38)
  4. poker face (NAO'S ATTITUDE MIX) (06:53)
  5. poker face (D-Z Spiritual Delusion Mix) (05:59)
  6. poker face (ORIENTA-RHYTHM CLUB MIX) (06:23)
  7. poker face (Instrumental) (04:43)
  8. FRIEND (Instrumental) (04:11)


Produced by Max Matsuura
All Lyrics written by Ayumi Hamasaki
Art Direction: Shinichi Hara
Design: Keiichi Yamashita ( RICE)
Cameraman: Hiroshi Nomura
Stylist: Kouji Matsumoto, Kousuke Fujiwara
Hair & Make Up: Mamori Oguchi


Poker face entered at #20 on the charts with 11,520 units sold in its opening week and it sold about 50,000 copies. The single is currently certified Gold by the RIAJ.

Promotional MaterialsEdit

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